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Territory is a common good. Here's how we protect it.

Donna Franca reflects our values and our commitment to sustainability.

kWh - energia annua

We try to reduce our impact on the environment by building a virtuous path, with positive effects on the environment and the local community. This is why, for example, we only use raw materials provided by local markets, and we deeply respect the places and people who make up our network.
Organic is our lifestyle.


Good practices

Sustainability is a widely used word. But few really put it into practice. We, we try. And over time we have experimented with some good practices, if we want to call them that, which help us to respect the environment, and to offer customers and visitors genuine products. For example, we produce jams and preserves with seasonal fruit, strictly from organic farming, from our garden. Those who have tried them say that our jams are really good, but those of citrus fruits, and of mandarins and oranges in particular, are unsurpassed. Even the dry pasta that you can find on our menu comes from some ancient wheat cultivars that we still grow today in the Ansaldi Estate. Furthermore, in our gardens, it may happen to come across one of the hives, where industrious bees produce 100% organic honey. But more generally, we offer in our menus dishes made from seasonal and zero-kilometer vegetables. But sustainability for us also means something else: for example, respect for water, a resource to be protected more than others. This is why we have designed a water collection system to reduce waste and reuse it. Thus all the energy that is used in our facility comes from renewable and clean sources.

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