Our history

Donna Franca is a structure immersed in the great history of Sicilian wine.

Yesterday, today, always

An ancient nineteenth-century Baglio recovered and restored to perfection.

In the 19th century

The Baglio

What is a Baglio?

It is one of the most typical Sicilian buildings. A building that stood in the center of the agricultural properties, to concentrate all the functions, from the warehouse to production.
The Baglio Donna Franca, in particular, belonged to the most prestigious family that has linked its name to Marsala, the Florio.


Recovery and restoration

Thanks to the passion of the Ansaldi family, the ancient Baglio dei Florio, in one of the most evocative districts of the Marsala countryside, has been perfectly restored, to make it not only a place that is a memorial of the great Sicilian wine culture, but also a welcoming structure, capable of conquering every visitor.


An emotion to live. Now.

Today Baglio Donna Franca is many things. A real must for all wine lovers who want to learn about the traditions and the epic of the Sicilian wine sector thanks to the passion and research of the oenologist Ansaldi on Sicilian native vines. A resort for those who want to discover a corner of Sicily of rare beauty, a zero kilometer restaurant, a place that is a treasure trove of views, unusual spaces, emotions to experience and a natural setting with the most beautiful sunsets on the Egadi islands.

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